Coffee beyond a product as a

Legacy In a Cup

Our Family have been processing and selling coffee for generations and this influences

how we approach the process as leaving a legacy, though our coffee products come in a variety of forms

 from beans to ground coffee we craft and anticipate how each cup continues

 the commitment of our family for a crafted coffee legacy in each cup

Sourced From The

Heart of Yirgacheffe

known for its warm weather and mesmerizing landscape, Yirgacheffe region
also presents the delicately sumptuous Yirgacheffe coffee. This type of coffee makes even non-coffee people to fall in love with it at the first sip.

On top of its floral and citrus scented aroma, Yirgacheffe coffee has less acidity and is
considered to be more earthy when compared to other Ethiopian coffee types.
Our coffee can be found in raw coffee bean version, roasted type and grinded type, giving our clients options to decide on their favorite type.

Our farm, situated in Dilla, produces the one of the finest Yirgacheffe coffee products. With extreme care, we package and deliver our coffee products to our customers.

The Craft

Grown With Care

Our farmer practice organic farming methods alongside tailor made approaches suited to the climate of the zone.


Powered by 13 months of sunshine, Our Green beans are sun-dried and monitored resulting in a rich flavor and consistent aroma


The dried red cherries are handpicked to separate the damaged beans for a consistent quality and overall taste

Meticulous Graded
to the FINEST

Before packaging process begins our team of coffee experts grade and cluster the coffee samples into categories based on origin and flavor.

Our coffee is our pride and promise to our customers, and thus is graded both according to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX ) Standards and international standards

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Coming in Variety of Origins & Units


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