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Our process includes Selection of ripe cherries, Harvesting, Sorting, Cleaning and Drying
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Exquisite coffee roasts that are dark ,have a deep and smoky flavor with hints of caramel.
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Coffee from its Origin
Refined For Generations

Abat Coffee, part of ABAT GROUP, is a family owned business established in the year 2011. The company is based on the vision of  The founder Ato Belete Bayechele, the father that started  supplying coffee in the 1980’s in the Yirgacheffe region. Our Coffee is a legacy that celebrates the vision and care of a Father called Abat in amharic. 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, offering a wide range of options for our customers such as selecting their own custom roast profiles or having us roast for them. With an experienced team of experts, we are able to provide our customers with superior service and complete satisfaction.


Our Products

Abat Coffee provides 

The flavor and strength of our coffee varies depending on the type of beans used as well as where they were grown and harvested. 

Our roasting can take place anywhere from light to dark and often results in a distinctively full-bodied, smooth and intense flavor. 

Our coffee shops typically offer a variety of pastries and snacks, as well as coffee and espresso-based drinks.

Hand-Picked &


We Provide High quality washed and unwashed specialty Ethiopian coffee beans which are sun dried and hand picked with love and the utmost care.

ABAT GROUP operations also include import and export, Guest house and our own properties.

Why Choose Abat


When delivering our products and services, we are imbued with high level of timeliness, professionalism and accuracy.


This is one of the most essential values of our company. We produce our wide range of products with meticulous precision and continuous care.


Here in Abat, we value the essence of nature in our line of work and we are determined to sustain its cleanness. By integrating an environmental-friendly approach in our activities, we aim to contribute to the effort of sustainability

Team work

Our strength as a brand lies within our collaborative effort. We work as a team in all our endeavors to guarantee the best outcome and to create camaraderie within our employees.

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Visit our artisanal coffee shop in the bole area in Addis Ababa, Bole Medhanialem. Coffee is our passion and product, we take pride in pouring each cup, it is a celebration of a legacy, and generations old ritual of togetherness. Come and Recharge your day with a nurtured taste

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